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Pokémon Fans - Check out BOOK REVIEW Pokémon Adventures, Vol. 3

Story line:

R to L (Japanese Style) Red doesn't just want to train Pokémon, he wants to be their friend too. Read along as Red embarks on adventures with Pikachu, Bulbasaur and others that follow storylines from the videogames!

Red is improving rapidly as a Pokémon; trainer--but so is his competition. But now Red must team up with his biggest rival Blue and thief Green to defeat a common enemy! And watch out for Team Rocket, Red... They won't let you into Saffron City! Pokémon Manga; Gotta Read 'Em All! Adventures based on the Incredible Gameboy, Nintendo, and Wii RPG'S!

Avid reader Chelsea Gouin gives this book

4 out of 5 stars.

This is the end of Red's arc!

Facing down Team Rocket in Saffron City, having then to take on the Pokemon's what his entire journey has been leading up to!

Cute volume that wraps everything up. A little too in your face with the recalls to earlier in the series (it's only 3 volumes we didn't need that many reprints of panels...); especially when Red recounts his lessons he learned from Blue. We get a rather belated backstory for Green which was interested but could have been stronger if fleshed out. The fight with Giovanni stands out as a highlight for the first 3 volumes. I liked the implication of Red becoming the Gym Leader in his place as well, it just seems like a fitting end to his arc.

On the whole, Red was cute and the art style easy to look at. The story was fun, a mix of game canon and a touch of anime canon...but I think the story was rather weak on the whole. It was too quick, with short mini-adventures instead of a larger story other than "Team Rocket is doing something". The characters were all just going through the motions and there was a lot of shoved in your face morals that seemed a little excessive. I will be continuing the series but with a little less enthusiasm then I began it with.

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