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Pokémon Fans - Check out BOOK REVIEW Pokémon Adventures, Vol. 1

Story line: Adventures based on the best-selling video games! All your favorite Pokémon game characters jump out of the screen into the pages of this action-packed manga!

Red doesn't just want to train Pokémon, he wants to be their friend too. Bulbasaur and Poliwhirl seem game. But independent Pikachu won't be so easy to win over!

And watch out for Team Rocket, Red... They only want to be your enemy!

Avid reader Chelsea Gouin gives this book

3 out of 5 stars.

What a cute introduction to the series!

Pokemon Adventures follows most closely with the storyline of the Gameboy Games. Volume 1 sees Red, a boy with a Poliwhirl and a dream to be the best trainer there ever was. A run in with Blue and Mew in the forest introduces him to Professor Oak where he obtains a Pokedex and a Bulbasaur and his Pokemon journey begins! Along the way, he one-hits his way through Pewter City's gym and his newly added Pikachu shocks its way to his first badge...he also battles Team Rocket with Misty and some zombie Pokemon in Lavender Town. There was a rather graphic frame from Charmeleon slicing an Arbok in half. But otherwise a fairly tame and easy to follow manga. Each chapter is a mini-adventure and there is no overarching plot other than Red trying to capture all the Pokemon ever.

I'm interested to see how the stories progress.

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