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BOOK REVIEW: Van Gogh’s Bad Café

Frederic Tuten, Van Gogh’s Bad Café

You should read this book. Especially if you enjoy Tumblr, or my corner of Tumblr anyway, where lyrical literary quotations by the modernists and their precursors, selections from the history of painting and sculpture, pictures of gorgeously desolate cityscapes, fierce left-wing denunciations of state and corporate predation as well as the minor oppressions of everyday (especially erotic) life, and photographs or drawings of long-limbed beauties asprawl on mussed mattress or lolling in bathtubs all arrive in indiscriminate proliferation with every red-lit alert that a new message has been sent. This is that, in the (pretty loose) form of a novel.

READ writer John Pistelli's REVIEW:

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